Christian Kaisermann

I'm a Web Engineer with a decade of industry experience and open-source passion. I currently work at VTEX, helping its OSS efforts regarding storefront componentization, developer tooling, and Front-End Infrastructure. Apart from my daily activities, I'm a core contributor to the Svelte framework and author of a few OSS libraries. Javascript and CSS are my jams.

Website (give it a look!)


I'm familiar with most current industry tooling and framework choices such as TypeScript, React, Svelte, module bundlers (Webpack, Rollup, Parcel), GraphQL, and the great majority of HTML and CSS pre/post-processors. I'm also an advocate for readable, clean code and show it through my constant efforts of standardizing coding styles and knowledge sharing.

My peers usually think I'm easy-going, communicative, a fast learner, and a reference for CSS and JavaScript knowledge. I'm also familiar with agile methodologies, interviewing, and managing open-source projects and small communities.

Some Open-source Projects

Working Experience

Circuit Routing: Staff Software Engineer (2021/01 - now)

VTEX: Software Engineer (2019/05 - 2020/12)

10de10: Writer and Podcaster (2015/07 - 2021/07)

Stone: Front-end Analyst (2018/03 - 2019/04)

TUUT: Full-Stack Developer (2016/09 - 2018/02)

Zona Internet: Front-end Developer (2013/11 – 2015/02)