Hey 👋!

My name is Christian Kaisermann and I'm a web developer based on Rio with a information systems degree from PUC-Rio. I'm a very outgoing, curious and passionate person who loves coding, photography, nature and music.

I've been involved with programming since my childhood, when I started taking an interest in computers thanks to MMO games. Let's say I didn't have the most common teenager years. Oh, I'm usually called "The human linter".

I love to stare at a not-so-bright screen while coding for hours on a constant state of Flow (here's a playlist to get you going).

Currently, I work @VTEX as a Software Engineer. My main mission is to improve the the quality of its digital products, infrastructure and workflow.

open source



If you'd like to get in touch, feel free to send me an e-mail or maybe a tweet or, who knows, a message on linkedin.